🌱Make your own Plant-Dyed Dough Kit🌱

These ‘MIX & MAKE’ DIY Dough Kits are perfect for little scientists that like to experiment and design their own open-ended creative play!
Each kit contains all you need to create 3 x Colours of VEGAN & PLANET-FRIENDLY sensory dough from NATURAL PLANT DYES!
All supplied in a handy cotton- muslin bag with decorative contents wrapper.
Let your little scientists Mix, Stir, Squish, Roll and Prod their own homemade plant-dyed dough!

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Playberry’s ‘MIX & MAKE' Kits have everything all measured out and easy step-by-step instructions to make 3 batches of primary colour dough.

A perfect gift designed to help busy mums create a calming creative activity for their little scientists-AND it’s guilt- free! Enjoy spending time with your little ones for open-ended sensory play without the plastic!

Playberry has carefully curated this kit to include the following:
• 3 x sachets of Natural Plant Dye Mix (Red, Yellow and Blue mix)
• 3 x sachets of Flour Dry Mix
• 1 x tin of Coconut Oil
• 1 x wooden spoon
• 1 x wooden rolling pin
• 1 x colour mixing guide
• Step-by Step instructions

A little bit about Playberry
Playberry’s DIY PLANT-MADE DOUGH KITS are especially designed for parents who want to encourage their child‘s learning using a nature-inspired approach. Sensory Dough encourages problem- solving as well as providing an opportunity for creative and imaginative play. The benefits include:

• Fine motor skills (hand-eye coordination)
• Creativity (artistic skills)
• Creative thinking ( deciding how to use the materials)
• Social skills (sharing, cooperating)
• Emotional development (tension releasing, soothing, failure proof and confidence building)
• Knowledge of science (experimentation, evaporation, gravity, physics, construction and engineering)
• Knowledge of maths ( 1:1 correspondence, counting, grouping, sequencing, weight, volume, measurement)
• Exploration with the 5 senses

Influenced by play philosophies such as Montessori, Reggio Emillia and the Forest School approach; I have developed Playberry to help those curious little learners nurture a love of nature and to help eco- friendly households achieve a plastic-free home!


This kit contains:
Dough ingredients:

• 3 x Flour satchets- in airtight paper food pouches (gluten)
• 1 x Coconut oil in airtight tin
• 3 x sachets of Natural Plant Dye mix

• 1 x Wooden spoon
• 1 x Wooden rolling pin
• 1 x Colour mixing guide
• Step by step instructions


This kit contains flour and small parts.

This product is designed to be played with, not eaten due to its high salt content.

It is not suitable for children under 36 months as it contains items that could be a choking hazard.

Adult supervision is recommended.

Please keep away from animals- some plants are ok for us but not ok for your pets.

We can’t guarantee that there are not any traces of nuts or other allergens in our products.

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