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Play doesn’t have to be plastic!

Perfectly made from plants, Playberry offers a range of eco-friendly sensory dough and ‘Discover Nature’ Craft Kits for little nature lovers!

Hello, I’m Sarah and the idea of Playberry came to me whilst searching for vegan and nature-kind sensory play resources for my little one. I became frustrated that sensory toys were heavily reliant on plastic and chemical based products and alarmed to see the use of animal and petroleum based products in food and art materials.

So in 2020, I created Playberry to offer all families with young children a way to lessen their impact on the Planet and appreciate a love of nature using vegan and eco-friendly materials.


Naturally simple

Playberry values the ‘leave no trace’ philosophy and every product has been created with the environment in mind. Each sensory dough is lovingly handcrafted using only natural plant dyes and flavourings blended with all food-grade ingredients.

Our ‘Discover Nature’ Craft Kits have nature educational themes and our packaging is sustainable wherever possible.

Play doesn’t have to be plastic!.

“I received some Playberry Playdough as a present from a friend. I love it! My daughter is like a changed person after playing with it. She was so grumpy this morning and now very happy and cheerful.”

— Andrea. Cambridge

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