I think I’ve been waiting for an excuse like Easter to dye some eggs with natural plant dyes!


How to make natural plant dyes

  • I used turmeric, beetroot, red onion skins and red cabbage to get the natural dyes.
  • You will need a saucepan and wooden spoon you don’t mind getting stained!
  • Each ingredient will need its own time to ‘steep’ in the water so either you can do multiple dye baths at once or one after the other after washing utensils inbetween. *** Please protect your kitchen surfaces during this process as it can stain wooden or light surfaces!
  • Cover each ingredient in the saucepan with enough water and boil until the water is coloured. I used about 2 teaspoons of turmeric, 4-5 handfuls of onion skins, 1 beetroot and half a red cabbage.
  • Pour into empty glass jars and let cool.

Once cool, add 1 -2 teaspoons of vinegar and pop the eggs in.

Leave overnight and you will have a colourful Easter Egg hunt to plan for the day!