Growing seeds is an amazing STEM activity for toddlers and children as well as being fun for them to observe over time. They are using their fine motor skills (hand-eye coordination) and developing a foundation of science knowledge (experimentation, lifecycles, evaporation, construction and engineering).

How to make a potato hedgehog
We used an ice cream scoop to hollow out a potato enough to add some soil in (lots of help from mum at this point as the Wrist Pivot still needs work).

We tried whittling willow sticks to make a point at one end and adding to our Potato Hedgehog as legs. Plus- we tried toothpick legs too.

We also used cloves for the eyes and a marker pen to add a mouth.

We tried cress and grass seeds and at the time of planting (February)- we had to keep them inside on the windowsill.

I did think it was going to be another fail but , as soon as the weather outside brightened – up popped these hedgehogs prickles! Plus, you can plant out in garden once done.

Tools to make your Potato Hedgehog

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