Brighten up a dark corner with this nature craft idea! I love pressing flowers and these zingy bright Spring Violas are so easy to preserve and press. If you haven’t got a flower press- don’t worry. A large heavy book will do and place in-between two paper kitchen towels.

Making Homemade Modelling Clay

This recipe is for air-dry modelling clay that is perfect for crafts including handmade ornaments.

1 cup Cornflour

2 cups Bicarbonate of Soda

1 and a half cups water

Mix the two dry ingredients in a saucepan first and then carefully add water just boiled water to the mix until it is a consistency of thick gravy. Keep stirring over the hob and you should find that it starts to thicken up and get heavier. If not- add more cornflour. Once it starts sticking to the spoon- then lift out and roll out on a wooden board.

Cut out your shapes ( I just made round circles) and place on baking sheet on baking tray. Make a small hanging hole in each one using a toothpick or end of a straw BEFORE you put in the oven. Cook for approx 20 mins at 120C- checking and turning over to make both sides harden.

Affixing the petals can be done with normal PVA glue or make flour glue. Remember to add petals to both sides!

I used an embroidery hoop to hang these up with twine but you can use anything you find or a lovely driftwood stick!