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It’s all about the process…

Mix Make Move is a fun and friendly creative art club for both you and your little one to explore different art processes and materials.

The experiences are wide and varied. Most sessions have a mix of exploring art techniques such as printmaking,with the opportunity to explore certain schemas or ‘ways of playing’ connected to a theme.

Each session will help you and your child  discover new ways of manipulating materials and allow exploration of all medium types and processes such as mark making, collage, sculpture, painting and printing.



What People Are Saying

“Fantastic fun for my 4yr and 7yr old. Plus it has given me ideas to try at home!”

Hannah, Clare

“Love these sessions-being able to play outside is so calming for my little one.”

Rachel, Sudbury

“Definitely worth it! My son loves MIX MAKE MOVE sessions. Each zone offers a different creative experience and I love the fact he can be free to make a mess!”

Alison, Bury St Edmunds

Our Workshops

Come and Join us!

ART workshop- date to be confimed 2022, CLARE CASTLE PARK

ART workshop- date to be confimed 2022, CLARE CASTLE PARK

Hands- on creatvity and messy play for under 7yr's

messy play paint activity girl

Why Choose Us

Nature play meets Art

As a mum and Forest School Leader, I am passionate about offering all families with young children a way to lessen their impact on the Planet and appreciate a love of nature using vegan and eco-friendly materials.

I hope to bring nature-kind sensory play resources for you all to enjoy, make and create with. My sessions are very open-ended with no pressure to complete any activity- you can pick and choose between 6 different zones and follow what your child would like to discover today!

How Our Sessions are Structured


A typical Mix Make Move session lasts an hour with the emphasis of having fun and you being involved with your child’s play. There is a short welcome activity at the start which will help you feel at ease and build friendships.

Sessions take place on Mondays  at Clare Country Park’s Muddy Boots Room. Weather permitting- the sessions will take advantage of this beautiful setting and remain outside- cordoned off from other park users with help from bunting and windbreaks.

All sessions are designed and facilitated by a trained EYFS and Forest School Leader and have been risk assessed to cover materials and equipment being used by the group.

messy play paint activity girl

How Our Sessions are Structured


The Art Play Space is set up for 6 main zones for art play experiences that your child can choose and explore at their own pace that can cover Nature Art, Sensory Play, Recycle (Loose Parts Play) Art, Free Play and Action Art.

🌟THE FEELY ZONE– sensory tactile play areas linked to the session’s theme

🌟CURIOSITY CORNER– connecting with your senses and the natural world

🌟ARTY ARCHITECTS– creative recycling with tools

🌟SPLAT ATTACK– Action art for big and small movements

🌟ART SPOT– link to famous artists or art techniques

🌟BLANK CANVAS– doodle art space with a collection of art materials for free play exploration

These experiences may use small motor skills whilst some use large motor skills- some may be noisy or quiet and all of them promote the physical movement of a child from head to toe and the social interaction of creating something within a welcoming small group.

Please dress for mess! We will provide a wash area so you can get your little ones clean again but please bring a towel and a change of clothes.

Ready to try?

Come and join us on our next session and try it for yourself!